Weight Loss Surgery (Bariatric)

Bariatric Surgery at GH

Greenwich Hospital delivers a 360-degree program of bariatric care that focuses on the “whole person.” From the moment patients begin considering surgery until long after the weight loss goal has been reached, the team at Greenwich Hospital works with patients to achieve the lifestyle and emotional changes required for sustainable weight loss.

A Multidisciplinary Team

The bariatric team consists of a program coordinator, a board-certified surgeon, dietitian, psychologist, specially trained nurses and other hospital staff, as well as a nutritionist and physical therapist. The surgeon and staff work together to provide the best level of care possible, looking after patients with individual attention and compassion.

State of the Art Surgical Procedures
Bariatric surgery is a rapidly growing and changing field. New procedures and developing technologies are making weight-loss surgery a viable option for more people than ever before. Minimally invasive techniques enable surgeons to perform complex procedures with increased precision through tiny incisions 1-2 cm long. For many bariatric patients, this means less pain and scarring as well as faster recovery and a quicker return to normal activities.

Ongoing Support Makes All the Difference
While surgery is the first step in a patient’s journey to lose weight, emotional support and regular follow-up is essential in maintaining an improved quality of life.
  • The program's coordinator is available at any time to answer questions and provide support. 
  • Registered dietitians see patients before and after surgery for initial assessments and follow up dietary guidance. They teach and monitor a modified food plan and ways to apply it to daily life.
  • Patients work with physical therapists before and after surgery for exercise guidance as well as therapy.
  • Patients are encouraged to attend as many bi-monthly support groups as they like, before and after surgery. Search for "bariatric support group" in our Calendar


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