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Tender Beginnings Programs

Greenwich Hospital’s “Tender Beginnings” pregnancy and parenting programs are a wonderful way for couples and families to prepare for pregnancy, labor, delivery and baby care.

Class choices range from childbirth preparation to breastfeeding. Courses for mothers, fathers/partners, siblings and grandparents are taught by registered nurses from our Maternal/Child Unit. Many are certified as educators and specialized consultants on the topics they teach.

Programming also includes support groups for parents with infants, toddlers, older children and teens.

All Tender Beginnings pregnancy and parenting programs require preregistration. 

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Tender Beginnings Classes and Events

Adult Maternity Tours
Tour the birthing center. Offered periodically throughout each month. To register, please call 203-863-3655 or email for tour dates and times. FREE.

Sibling Tours
Familiarize children with the nursery and postpartum unit. Call 203-863-3655 or email for tour dates and times. FREE.

Prenatal Yoga
Find inspiration, comfort and wisdom in the practice of Kundalini prenatal yoga. These ancient teachings can help you achieve mind/body/soul harmony as your body prepares for pregnancy and beyond. A certified instructor will teach you safe and effective yoga positions and thoughtful meditation to create inner strength, a strong body and a quiet mind. Physician clearance and consent form required for participation. To register, please call 203-863-3655 or email Fee.

Grandparents Today 
This 1½-hour discussion and informational session introduces grandparents to their changing role and relationship as parents and grandparents. They'll also learn about prenatal and infant care in today's world, plus car seats and essential infant safety and baby care are addressed. For current and expecting grandparents. Held quarterly. To register, please call 203-863-3655 or email Fee. 


For First-Time Parents 
These classes offer first-time parents preparation for childbirth and include a tour of the birthing center. Prospective parents should register as early as possible. Options are two-session or one-session classes. To register, please call 203-863-3655 or email Fee.


Breastfeeding Class

A 2-hour class for expectant parents focusing on all aspects of breastfeeding from delivery room to postpartum. Explore breastfeeding issues such as establishing good milk supply, nutrition and pumping. Taught by an RN on our maternity staff who is credentialed as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). Held bimonthly. To register, please call 203-863-3655 or email Fee.

Baby Care Class for Parents
Essential learning for expectant parents including feeding, bathing, cord care, sleep patterns and proper car seat use. A 2-hour class held twice a month. To register, please call 203-863-3655 or email Fee.


Sibling Class
A 1-hour class that helps big brothers and sisters adjust to a new baby in the family. Includes a video about siblings and a tour of the nursery and postpartum unit. For children ages 3-8 and their parents. To register, please call 203-863-3655 or email Free.

Pediatric Orientation
Tour of the hospital's pediatric unit for school or community groups or anyone anticipating the hospitalization of a child. Short video included. Monday through Friday, by appointment. Call 203-863-3553. FREE.

Sibling Tours
Familiarize children with the nursery and postpartum unit. Tours given once a month. Call 203-863-3655 or email for tour dates and times. FREE.


Mommy and Me Yoga
This hour-long class offers gentle exercises, meaningful poses and thoughtful meditations in the traditions of Kundalini Yoga. Strengthening, stretching, toning and balancing techniques help achieve mind/body/soul harmony during this often intense, emotional and glorious postpartum period. Bond with your baby and meet other moms, too. For new moms and their babies, ages 6 weeks-9 months. To register, please call 203-863-3655 or email Fee.

Postpartum Massage
Postpartum massage eases recovery from labor and birth by alleviating muscle strain and soreness and promoting healing. Nurturing touch and support to mothers during the early postpartum period offers emotional relief, too. Physician clearance required. Call 203-863-3222. Fee.

Postpartum Visit
Mothers who deliver at Greenwich Hospital may return 48-72 hours after discharge for a mother/baby assessment. The visit is with a registered nurse on our maternity staff who is credentialed as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).Call 203-863-3569. FREE.


Newborn Mothers Group
A 4-week course addressing the needs of the newborn (under 4 months of age), and the physical and emotional adjustments of parenthood. Designed for mothers who recently have given birth. Topics include: Birth Experience: Adjustment, Love and Sleep; How Do We Learn to Become Parents?; Who Was I Before I Became a Mother?; and Self-Esteem—Mom and Baby. Led by a postpartum registered nurse. To register, please call 203-863-3655 or email Fee.

Tender Bridges for NICU Parents
A newborn's stay in a neonatal intensive care unit can be a stressful experience for families. Through our "Tender Bridges" program, parents of babies in Greenwich Hospital's NICU can reach out to other parents who have been in similar situations and can offer support. If you would like to participate, either during or after your baby's stay, please call 203-863-3655 or email FREE.

Parents Exchange (parents of children ages 4 months-high school)
Parents Exchange offers a variety of parenting classes and support groups that are divided according to the age of your child, from 4 months through high school. Build on your strengths and develop new insights from other moms and dads facing similar experiences. Participants have made lifelong friendships in this safe and nurturing environment.
  • Infant/Toddler (4-30 months)
  • Early School Years (PreK-Grade 4)
  • Later School Years (Grades 5-12)

Groups meet weekly for 1.5 hours, and are led by qualified child development specialists over a 14-week semester. Sponsored by Community Health at Greenwich Hospital.

Call 203-863-3794 for information and registration form, plus schedule. Fee.



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