For Medical Professionals

For Medical Professionals – Radiology Scheduling, Reports, Insurance

Non-scheduling questions from physician offices: Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm 203-863-3960

Scheduling and Referring Patients
For physicians only

Please use these phone and fax numbers to schedule or refer patients for radiology services and to send related paperwork.  
Diagnostic Imaging Services:   203-863-4710/Fax 203-863-4760

Breast Center/Mammograms/Bone Density Testing: 203-863-3031/Fax 203-863-4340

Interventional Procedures: 203-863-3040/Fax 203-863-4645

Nuclear Medicine: 203-863-3050/Fax 203-863-4583

PET Scans:  203-863-3050/Fax 203-863-4583

Evening and weekend hours are available for many tests and procedures.

Insurance information may be required at time of scheduling. Preauthorization and precertification of medical necessity must be obtained prior to visit. Patients may need to check with their carrier to verify coverage.
Insurance Questions from Physician Offices:  203-863-3011
Receiving Reports and Results
Contact Medical Records: 203-863-3345

Voice Report Information
Call 203-863-3960

Images and Films (Reports will be included.)
Contact our Radiology File Room: 203-863-3037

Delivery Options Include:
  • PACS (Picture Archive Communications System). This digital archiving system provides superior resolution and instant access to patient images and reports.
  • Digital images on CD
  • Film
  • Reports can be autofaxed, mailed or both


  • For Patients
  • Appointments, questions, pre-procedure instructions:
  • 203-863-4710

  • Copies of Reports/Medical Records:
  • 203-863-3345

  • Copies of Images:
  • 203-863-3037

  • Insurance/billing questions:
  • 203-863-3025

  • For Medical Professionals
  • Appointments:
  • 203-863-4710

  • Non-scheduling questions from physician offices:
  • Monday–Friday, 9am-5pm
  • 203-863-3960

  • Physicians:
  • View a complete list of phone/fax numbers for all radiology services >>


  • Free parking at all locations:
  • Main Hospital
  • 2015 W. Main St., Stamford
  • Breast Center
  • Directions
  • Voice directions to Greenwich Hospital
  • and Breast Center: 203-863-4747