Behind the scenes at Greenwich Hospital, the Pharmacy Department processes more than 40,000 inpatient medication orders each month. Every order is reviewed to make sure the medication and dosage is appropriate for each patient.

As drug experts and educators, our licensed pharmacists listen to patients’ medical histories and teach them about their current medications. They also team with the medical staff to assure patients are receiving the most effective and economical drug therapies.  Learn more >>

“Smart Systems” Protect Patients
Greenwich Hospital uses advanced computer software to help make sure patients receive the right medication in the right dose at the right time. Physicians enter medication orders electronically through this “smart system,” which speeds the transaction and increases accuracy and safety. As another safety measure, each patient’s ID bracelet is imprinted with a barcode that allows caregivers to match each medication to the correct recipient before it is given.  Learn more >>

Private Medication Consultations
Learn about how your medications and supplements interact >>

Patient Education Fact Sheets
Read more on a variety of medication topics >>    

Web Resources
Patient Tips for Medication Safety >>

Ask the Pharmacist
Have a question about side effects or allergic reactions to medications or about generic drugs? We will attempt to answer your questions within one business day.

However, if this is an emergency, please contact your physician and/or call 911 immediately.

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Contact Us
To speak with a pharmacist, call 203-863-3111. 


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