Spiritual Care

Spiritual Care
The Department of Spiritual Care helps facilitate the healing of the whole person by providing emotional and spiritual support to patients, families and hospital employees.  It offers spiritual care education to staff, spiritual care leaders in the community and the community at large, and is an accredited provider of Clinical Pastoral Education. The department is  also a contact point for the hospital’s Palliative Care and Medical Ethics Committees.

When to request a chaplain
Patients and family members can call on the Spiritual Care staff if they…
  • have a concern, feel afraid or discouraged
  • are having surgery
  • need help to contact personal clergy
  • want prayer or wish to receive any sacrament or rite
  • received bad news
  • are wrestling with the meaning of their illness – for example, asking Why?
Interfaith Chapel
Greenwich Hospital’s nondenominational chapel is always open for prayer, meditation and quiet time. The chapel is located on the first floor of the Helmsley Medical Building, just off the Atrium.
Mass:         Sundays and Tuesdays, 12 Noon
Shabbat:     Fridays, 1pm
Religious services are also scheduled around major holidays.
All services can be viewed  by patients on Chapel Channel 6
Our Staff
Rev. Eddie Lopez, Jr.
Nancy King
Fr. Christopher Johnson
Staff Chaplain
Rabbi Mary Jane Newman
Staff Chaplain/Palliative Care Chaplain
Judy Holding
Staff/Oncology Chaplain

Clinical Pastoral Education

Greenwich Hospital’s Department of Spiritual Care offers Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) for clergy, seminarians and qualified lay people. It is a satellite of the CPE Program at Yale-New Haven Hospital, and accredited by the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc.

CPE enables the development of ministry skills in a clinical setting through interaction with patients, staff, peers and a supervisor. Learn more about the CPE Program, including how to apply »

Medical Ethics Committee
The Medical Ethics Committee helps patients and families who may be facing dilemmas around healthcare. Learn more about the Medical Ethics Committee and how to request a consultation. >> 

Palliative Care Committee
The Palliative Care Committee, a multi-disciplinary group of physicians, pain specialists, nurses, social workers, chaplains and other hospital staff help patients and families who are facing acute or chronic illness.  They will explore options for living with chronic illness and help with decisions for a dignified end of life.  Patients and families may access the Committee directly by contacting the Spiritual Care Department, 203-863-3146, or email  

Schwartz Center Rounds for Greenwich Hospital Caregivers
Greenwich Hospital offers a unique educational series that deepens our ability to deliver care with empathy and compassion. Called Schwartz Center Rounds, these multidisciplinary sessions provide our staff with a forum to explore the emotional side of the healthcare profession.

In a typical Rounds session, a panel of caregivers presents a patient case that raises compelling psychosocial issues. Topics delve into situations familiar to healthcare workers: delivering bad news, handling conflicts between spiritual beliefs and medical advice, caring for a colleague, dealing with the death of a patient, to name a few. Hospital staff then share their own thoughts and feelings in a facilitated discussion. Unlike "Grand Rounds" where physicians discuss clinical problem-solving, Schwartz Center Rounds explore and process the emotions that come up in the daily work of hospital staff.

Schwartz Center Rounds have many benefits for patients, families and caregivers. The discussions help forge stronger caregiver connections—with those they care for and those they work with. Caregivers also experience a deeper understanding of the effects of illness on patients and families, and feel less isolated and stressed through this shared Schwartz Rounds experience.

A national program with sites across the country, Schwartz Center Rounds are funded by the Kenneth B. Schwartz Center, a Boston-based nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing compassionate healthcare. For more information, visit


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