Room Amenities

Greenwich Hospital’s inpatient rooms are designed with the patient’s comfort and safety in mind. All rooms have individual temperature controls and patients can take advantage of the amenities and services listed below.

Room Temperature Controls
Air temperature in patient rooms can be adjusted for personal comfort within the range of 65-85 degrees Fahrenheit. Typically it takes 15-30 minutes for the room to reach the desired temperature. Speak with your nurse for assistance in adjusting your thermostat or contact Plant Operations at extension 3138.

Wireless Internet

Free wireless Internet (WiFi) connection is available throughout Greenwich Hospital. Patients and visitors can log on in patient rooms, waiting areas, the cafeteria, Garden Cafe and even on the terrace. Bring your wireless-enabled laptop, smart phone or PDA to the hospital and stay connected to family, friends and colleagues.

Each patient has a private telephone number so family and friends can call directly. Amplified headsets and other adaptive devices are available for the asking. Although patients can make outgoing calls anytime, incoming calls to patient rooms are blocked from 10pm to 7am, and at any other time that the patient chooses.

Every room is equipped with cable television and Internet radio, compliments of the Greenwich Hospital Auxiliary. Closed-captioning and educational programming are also available for patients.

Greenwich Time and The New York Times can be purchased in our Gift Shop. To order a newspaper in advance, please call the Information Desk by 4pm on weekdays and 12 noon on Saturdays. Payment is due at the time of delivery. Information Desk: 203-863-4636.

Books and Magazines
A volunteer will be happy to help patients select complimentary reading materials from the many well-stocked book shelves located throughout the hospital. Volunteer Office: 203-863-3222, e-mail

Mail and Flowers
A volunteer will personally deliver mail or flowers sent in the patient's name. Volunteer Services: 203-863-3222, e-mail

Online Gift Shop
Visit our online gift shop for comfort care products such as body lotions specially developed for the cancer patient, candies safe for the diabetic patient and nursing bras and other products for the new mother and baby.

Beauty and Grooming Services
A private beautician will provide beauty services for men or women in the patient room. Your doctor's written permission is necessary. Payment is expected at the time of service. Call 203-863-4247.

Art Work
Our volunteer “art cart” program offers patients the opportunity to make a personal selection of art for their room. For an “art cart” visit call 203-863-3222.

Premier Services Private Room Plan
In addition to Greenwich Hospital’s highest standards of patient care, Premier Services Private Room Plan provides you with the privacy of your own room and personal amenities (for stays over 23 hours.) Premier Services Private Room differential charge is separate from the hospital bill and is not covered by insurance.
Please Note: Private room requests are based on availability; we will make every effort to accommodate the request as private rooms become available.
To request Premier Services Private Room Plan please call (203) 863-3191.

Tutoring Service

Public or private school students requiring hospitalization for more than two weeks may obtain a tutor through the Board of Education. A physician must give written clearance on special forms provided by the Board. Call 203-869-9401.

Private Duty Nursing
If you require or desire the services of a private duty nurse, you may contact the Nurses Registry, a private company providing nursing care. A nurse on your floor can assist you. Call 203-869-4050.

Maternity Patients
All Greenwich Hospital maternity inpatient rooms are private, with accommodations for husband/partner and newborn when permitted. Learn more in the Maternity Services section of this web site.

For a complete list of all hospital amenities, including public phones, ATMs, etc., see Hospital Amenities.


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