Pain Management

Patient Evaluation

Diagnosing the source or cause of pain can be difficult. Patients receive an in-depth questionnaire investigating:
  • Where the pain is located
  • What it feels like (sharp, throbbing, aching)
  • When it usually occurs (for example, at night or climbing stairs)
Information from the questionnaire and a complete physical exam help the staff create a treatment plan. Some patients may keep a journal to record specific details related to their pain during treatment. This helps the pain specialist know whether the treatment is working or needs adjusting.

Medical Exam and History
Many people who suffer from pain have already undergone tests or are taking medication. For the first visit to the Sackler Center, patients should bring:
  • All past studies (MRI, CAT scan, X-rays, ultrasounds, blood tests)
  • Any evaluations from other physicians
  • Lists of all current and past medications and their side effects


  • 203-863-3579

  • Appointments: Physician referral required.