Wellness and Prevention

Drug & Alcohol Testing for Employment

Drug and alcohol screenings are an important aspect of health and safety on the job. They offer protection for employers, employees and the public.

Our team of certified, experienced drug and alcohol screening professionals are available to perform urine, hair and breath alcohol screenings. These can be done at our clinic location or at the workplace.  

The Occupational Health Services medical director is a Certified Medical Review Officer. All drug-positive test results are verifiable.

Services include:
Urine Drug Screening and Breath Alcohol Testing (BAT).  The highest quality testing is used to determine the presence of alcohol and common substance abuse drugs. Screening services are available for random, or periodic (pre-employment, post-accident, reasonable suspicion, or return to work) drug testing evaluations.

Treatment and Monitoring. Experienced board certified treatment professionals at the Addiction Recovery Center at Greenwich Hospital are available to assist employees who are struggling with an addiction at any stage of abuse, and at any level of employment. Treatment is private and discreet.

Department of Transportation (DOT) Testing. DOT/MVD 5-panel split urine drug screen examinations are available. Post-accident screenings are provided by certified breath alcohol technicians.

Available Types of Drug & Alcohol Screenings
  • Urine Drug Screen (UDS)
  • Hair Drug Screen
  • Breath Alcohol Testing


  • Occupational Health Services