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Diabetes in Pregnancy

The Diabetes in Pregnancy Program at Greenwich Hospital serves expectant mothers who have Type I, Type II or gestational diabetes. It provides the information, support and guidance they need to manage their condition throughout their pregnancy.

Gestational diabetes is a condition causing elevated glucose and other diabetic symptoms in a pregnant woman who has not previously been diagnosed with diabetes. These symptoms disappear after the baby is born. Careful  management of gestational diabetes throughout pregnancy greatly reduces any health risk for mother and baby.

The Diabetes in Pregnancy Program is directed by a perinatal clinical nurse specialist who is also a certified diabetes educator. This nurse works with a maternal-fetal specialist (perinatologist), the woman's obstetrician, and if needed, the woman's endocrinologist, to develop an individual plan of care.

The program includes education about diabetes, its risks for mother and child, and ongoing consultation regarding self-management using a glucometer, nutrition and insulin if needed.
The patient is usually referred to the program by her obstetrician or endocrinologist. The patient is then followed by the diabetes educator until the end of her pregnancy.

Patient Education Fact Sheets
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Contact the Certified Diabetes Educator at 203-863-3674.


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