Cancer (Oncology)

Choosing a Cancer Care Team

A diagnosis of cancer raises many questions about what type of treatment to pursue and which facility offers the best care.  It's only natural to want to discuss treatment options with several doctors. Smilow Cancer Hospital's Greenwich Hospital Campus's cancer care team routinely meets with patients who are seeking a second opinion. We also speed  the process for those who have come to us first and wish to consult with other professionals, as well.

Many patients who seek second opinions ultimately choose to receive treatment at Smilow Cancer Hospital's Greenwich Hospital Campus. Our state-of-the-art cancer care is delivered by skilled, compassionate experts who treat patients with dignity and respect.

Here are a few things to consider when making your choices:
  • Many people begin their search for a cancer care team with their primary care physician, who can direct patients to professionals and resources.
  • When selecting a physician, consider whether the doctor is a board-certified specialist. Board certification indicates that a doctor has been trained in a certain medical specialty and has taken certification exams in that field. Also consider the physician's office hours and ability to see patients in a timely fashion. See our Physicians Directory for specialists in Medical Oncology, Cancer Surgery, Radiation Oncology and others >>
  • When choosing a cancer care facility, consider whether the hospital offers a full range of services. This would include advanced diagnosis and treatment as well as support services to help patients and their families with the emotional aspects of the disease. Also consider factors such as patient satisfaction and infection rates during hospitalization. Smilow Cancer Hospital's Greenwich Hospital Campus, for example, is a national leader in patient satisfaction and has infection rates far lower than the national average.
  • Talking to others who have faced the same issues is helpful. At Smilow Cancer Hospital's Greenwich Hospital Campus, people diagnosed with cancer can attend support groups and education forums that offer valuable medical information and emotional support. For more information on support groups, see Calendar and select “Cancer” >>
  • Treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy often are administered over several weeks or months. For this reason, many patients choose to receive treatment at a facility close to home, when possible.


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