Addiction Recovery

Inpatient Services

The ARC offers fully licensed acute-care inpatient treatment for patients in need of medical stabilization prior to entering substance abuse treatment. Patients for which inpatient stabilization (aka detox) is generally appropriate include those withdrawing from alcohol, tranquilizers, heroin, and other pain medications. These two to four day hospitalizations occur on the general medical floors and consist of 24/7 nursing care and daily medical management by the director of the addiction program.

During the hospital stay, patients are medically stabilized and treated for the emotional, behavioral, and physical impairments resulting from drug or alcohol abuse. Patients attend groups that are both informational and experiential in focus. For patients who have underlying medical conditions, the broad expertise of the entire Greenwich Hospital staff is available. Acupuncture is also offered by a licensed acupuncturist as an added service to ease in the detoxification process.

Throughout the inpatient hospital stay a highly specific aftercare plan is developed in collaboration with the patient. For many, this includes beginning substance use treatment through the ARC’s highly esteemed group-based outpatient programs. Other patients are referred to rehab when more intense treatment is necessary.

Note: Inpatient services are available at Greenwich Hospital from Monday through Friday with admissions occurring Monday through Wednesday.


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