Addiction Recovery


Substance use disorders (SUDs) are prevalent throughout the country, and only 3% of people successfully recover without the assistance of formal treatment. SUDs are very complicated brain diseases that are influenced by the individual’s environment, mental state, and experiences.

Because of the complex nature of addictive disorders, patients are likely to relapse if the biological, psychological, and social contributors are not accounted for in treatment. The good news is that when individuals receive such treatment, success is possible. Individuals with SUD can live fulfilling lives where the rate of relapse can be as low as 30%.

The Addiction Recovery Center (ARC) at Greenwich Hospital offers patients diagnosis, treatment, and empathy delivered by skilled professionals. Families also receive compassionate support to help them restore stability to their lives.

Please consider completing the following brief screening if you think someone you know might have an addictive disorder: Addictive Disorder Screening


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