Maternity (Obstetrics)

About Maternity Services

Greenwich Hospital provides expert and comprehensive care for women and babies before, during and after pregnancy. We provide families with individualized attention and support to facilitate a healthy and safe pregnancy and delivery. Each family’s hopes and expectations for the birthing process are considered and respected.  Our maternity team is focused on providing a warm and secure environment for a family’s first moments with their new baby.

Comprehensive Services

Greenwich Hospital offers a broad range of programs and expertise to help women prepare for and stay healthy during their pregnancy, whether routine or high risk.  Services include:
Expert Care
A highly credentialed group of specialists and experienced healthcare professionals collaborates with local obstetricians to provide women and babies with state-of-the-art, individualized care.  Greenwich Hospital has assembled a team that ranks among the area’s highest in terms of specialized certifications. They include:
  • Maternal-fetal specialists for high risk pregnancies
  • Patient Safety Nurse (PSN), a maternal-fetal medicine nurse whose role is to promote the safest care possible for mothers and babies
  • Obstetric hospitalist, round the clock
  • Fertility experts
  • Anesthesiologists, including an anesthesiology hospitalist round the clock
  • Neonatologists, including a neonatology hospitalist
  • Pediatricians
  • Clinical nurse specialists certified in diabetes education, fetal monitoring and high-risk pregnancy management
  • Certified lactation consultants
  • Registered dieticians
  • Social workers
Patient Rooms
Our Mother/Baby Unit has attractive, comfortable rooms, equipped with color televisions, Internet access, telephones, lavatories and showers. Arrangements can be made to have your baby room-in around the clock. Each room has a foldout chair/bed to accommodate the father/partner. 
All patient rooms are private.

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  • Preregistration/Admitting
  • 203-863-3323
  • Birthing Center/Warm Line
  • 203-863-3569
  • Prenatal Genetic Counseling
  • 203-863-3674
  • Diabetes in Pregnancy Program
  • 203-863-3674
  • Greenwich Perinatology Services
  • 203-863-3674
  • Lactation Support
  • 203-863-4226
  • Tender Beginnings Pregnancy &
  • Parenting Programs
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