Wednesday, August 01, 2012 - GH Recognizes World Breastfeeding Week Aug. 1-7, 2012
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Greenwich Hospital Recognizes World Breastfeeding Week August 1-7, 2012
Education and support for new moms set Greenwich Hospital apart from the crowd

August 1, 2012 (GREENWICH, Conn) – At Greenwich Hospital, as throughout the world, the first week of August is recognized as World Breastfeeding Week to educate people about the health benefits of breastfeeding for both baby and mother. Promoted at the global level by the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF, the spotlight is part of an effort to reduce world hunger and illness.

Breastfeeding provides all the nutrients a baby needs for healthy growth and development. Studies show that nutrients, antibodies and hormones in breast milk protect infants from illness including colds, ear infections and digestive problems. Breastfed babies followed through their childhood years have been shown to have fewer incidents of asthma, obesity and Type 2 diabetes.

The skin-to-skin contact of breastfeeding promotes a close physical and emotional bond between mother and baby. Mothers who breastfeed are believed to be at lower risk for breast and ovarian cancer.

Breastfeeding education is offered to every woman who has a baby at Greenwich Hospital. “Breastfeeding enhances the parent-child bonding experience,” explained lactation consultant Debby Romaniello, RN, adding, “Greenwich Hospital attracts women who want to breastfeed through a comprehensive educational program and get individualized attention that is provided to every new mother by lactation consultants.” All of Greenwich Hospital’s lactation consultants are registered nurses certified by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners.

Breastfeeding services through Greenwich Hospital’s Tender Beginnings lactation program include:
- Prenatal breastfeeding class for expectant parents
- Lactation consultants available daily for assistance during your hospital stay
- Postpartum visit program providing an individual session with a lactation consultant several days after discharge. This offers an opportunity for new parents to ask questions and gain reassurance.
- Rental of hospital-grade electric pumps
- Lactation Support Line to answer questions from parents
- Newborn Mothers Group offering professional and peer support

Greenwich Hospital’s gift shop offers breast pumps plus bras, cover-ups and clothing.

A private lactation room is available for Greenwich Hospital employees to use during work hours.

AUGUST 2, 2012 ¬ 11:30am-1pm
Greenwich Hospital lactation consultants will be in the hospital cafeteria atrium to answer questions, distribute literature and share oatmeal cookies. Oatmeal is believed to increase human milk production, provides a good source of iron, and promotes a relaxation response.

For more information about breastfeeding and lactation services at Greenwich Hospital, call 203-863-4226.